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Our Seniors Built This Community

Seeing the different groups of citizens that have been forgotten during these trying times, should be a focus, like seniors having to be isolated even more than they had been before the pandemic. How do we move forward to make sure they are assisted, other than the wonderful volunteers that have reached out to personally assist a number of them? There are so many more than don’t have the support – socially and financially. We need to have a program put in place to always protect and help the seniors in their golden years.

I would support creating more programs for the Seniors that have worked all their lives, yet still have difficulty with paying their bills. Tax relief program, cable subsidies and transportation options that are presently open to only those on welfare.

Anything we presently offer to welfare recipients should be available to seniors that have retired but still need help. The difference is that the seniors that worked contributed money throughout their lives to support our State government and it’s time for them to be supported.