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Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility = Fiscal Accountability

We have needed fiscal responsibility in the State of Connecticut for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic has just exacerbated the financial situation here in Connecticut. The everyday person has experienced uncertainty and the stress of losing their jobs has put us in a unique position which no one has ever seen before.

We need to have accountability from every department in our State government. Just as you, the taxpayers and citizens have to budget for these uncertain times in order to run your households, the State of Connecticut needs to be accountable for every penny we have contributed to the State’s coffers. Forensic Audits. I would also support going forward a zero-based budget where all departments would have to build their budgets, not based on what they were given in the past, but real dollars that are needed and justified to run the specific departments. We need to look for waste in spending and either eliminate it or put it to better use.

How can we fix the problem without us taxpayers having to make up for the increasing deficits that have been added to our negative cash flow in operating the State?

Governments Can Be Held Accountable Through:

    • Information
    • Evaluation
    • Increased Public Participation

Fiscal Responsibility Has Been Defined As…

An agreed set of policies, processes, or arrangements intended to improve fiscal outcomes, discipline, transparency, and accountability by requiring governments to commit to monitor-able fiscal policy objectives and strategies.

Representing The People Means Representing Their Interests

How can we spend, budget, and save in ways that benefit public interest? We need to reevaluate our current system of excessive taxation and frivolous spending.