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Using Taxpayer Money Wisely

The quality of education we provide the youth dictates the direction and the quality of life we will see in the future. Ignoring the importance of education denies the impact the next generation has on what is currently being cultivated.

Without caring for the intellectual well-being of youths, we are abandoning a proactive approach to bettering our current situation.

As a Former Board of Education member, I would support doing Forensic Audits on all Boards of Education across the State to ensure that all the monies paid by their respective citizens and grants that are contributed are being used wisely.

At present, when the Board of Education’s budgets are the biggest fiduciary responsibility of almost every town, we will be able to use taxpayer dollars more responsibly. Transparency. I want to ensure that money allocated for education is used to better the lives of students, keeping classes a manageable size for teachers and providing support for extracurricular enrichment. Our education system’s main goal is not just to pass a test, it is to bring out intellectual curiosity and excitement in all.