Linda Szynkowicz for 33rd District Representative

“I pledge, if elected, NOT to vote for any new taxes. This is my commitment to the residents in the City of Middletown. Can my opponent make the same commitment?”

You, as a Middletown voter, will have an incredible impact on how the State of CT will handle our fiscal crisis and other pressing issues that we have been struggling with for decades. You can make the difference with changes that we, as Connecticut citizens, have needed for years. Your one vote can and will be the difference in whether we get driven further into debt and incur additional taxes or look for a brighter future for ourselves, family and friends.

We desperately need change. The State of CT does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. The Democrats have been treating our money - your money, as their own piggy bank for decades. It has to stop. Vote for me, Linda Szynkowicz, and I promise I will not let you down. I will fight for change. Just as I fought for financial accountability as a former Board of Education member – saving you, the taxpayer, hundreds of thousands of tax dollars annually, by demanding that contracts go out to bid rather than be awarded to firms that are politically connected. I will do the same up in Hartford.

We’ve lost over 250,000 residents in the past decade because of fiscal policies and we need to make the mass exodus stop. I, along with my fellow Republicans, have a plan.